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The Latest: Sudan billionaire urges more vaccines for Africa

KAMPALA, Uganda — Billionaire philanthropist Mo Ibrahim is criticizing vaccine hoarding by wealthy nations, urging the international community to “walk the talk” as Africa desperately lags behind in vaccinating against COVID-19. Ibrahim, a British mobile phone magnate who was born in Sudan, is hailed as a voice of moral authority across Africa. The 75-year-old earned… Read More »

Doctor urges UK to ignore Donald Trump’s call to inject disinfectant to kill coronavirus

Speaking at the Number 10 press briefing on Friday afternoon, she said: “I wouldn’t have a specific message to Donald Trump. I would have a specific message to anybody who suggested they should be injecting anything into their bodies. “From a medical professional perspective, it is really important people use appropriate treatments that are evidence-based… Read More »

Trump urges calm and warns against hoarding food during coronavirus pandemic

President Trump is imploring Americans not to hoard food and other essentials being cleared from stores across the country. Trump tweeted the message after a Monday press briefing at the White House. He said he had met with executives who handle supply chains and reinforced that there is not an urgent shortage of food in… Read More »