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Latest wellness trend has people hugging cows to relieve stress

In the increasingly hectic and stressful year of 2020, people are seeking calm wherever they can find it — from frolicking through the fields to adopting plants. But now there’s another natural way to restore your cortisol levels: cow-hugging. People in several parts of the world have begun to embrace the alleged wellness trend, which… Read More »

What for stress relief uk

What is the fastest way to relieve stress? From heading outside on a soul-soothing countryside walk to taking on a new hobby, there are countless stress-relief strategies to help you feel more at ease and less anxious. When stress becomes overwhelming it can feel chaotic and all-consuming. Whether you feel stressed from the pressures of… Read More »

Why do cardiac stress test

We are unable to comment on your specific medical care but in general the presence of chest and arm pain aged 60 can be highly suggestive for Cardiac Chest Pain and should be taken very seriously, and chocolate within 12, is a stress test necessary if ecg shows tachycardia at 120 with non specific st… Read More »