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As Schools Spend Millions on Air Purifiers, Experts Warn of Overblown Claims and Harm to Children

Last summer, Global Plasma Solutions wanted to test whether the company’s air-purifying devices could kill covid-19 virus particles but could find only a lab using a chamber the size of a shoebox for its trials. In the company-funded study, the virus was blasted with 27,000 ions per cubic centimeter. In September, the company’s founder incidentally… Read More »

80 Percent of Schools are Applying Pesticides

More than 80 percent of schools in America use toxic pesticides as a preventative measure, whether it‘s needed or not. Mark Lame, an entomologist and professor at Indiana University‘s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, believes this is an entirely unnecessary practice that carries more risks than benefits to students and faculty. The most widely… Read More »

WA public schools virus restrictions eased

Parents and visitors are now allowed on school grounds in Western Australia as the state government lifts more coronavirus restrictions, while a social housing investment aiming to boost the state’s ailing economy has been applauded. Under the changes on Monday, activities such as assemblies, excursions, choirs and examinations can resume, limited to 100 people indoors… Read More »