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Gentrification and declining Black population may be a key factor behind San Francisco’s declining HIV rates

Dramatic declines in HIV diagnoses in San Francisco have been attributed to testing, treatment and PrEP, but the declining Black population in the city is an unexamined factor, Dr Jade Pagkas-Bather of the University of Chicago and colleagues argue in the December issue of The Lancet HIV. There has been a 22% fall in San… Read More »

Higher rates of psychotic disorders in young adults with perinatally acquired HIV

Healthcare professionals supporting young people born with HIV must consider their mental health support needs and integrate HIV and mental health care, argue Indira Mallik of Imperial College and colleagues in the Psychological Medicine. Their UK study showed that young people who acquired HIV perinatally are more likely to experience psychotic disorders than their peers… Read More »

Where are levitra rates

And were more common on higher doses of the drug. Nitrates will also interact with these drugs, personal reasons may also guide a choice. As this can lead to adverse effects. Generic Viagra Revatio, stendra does not have any significant advantages. Cialis is the brand name for tadalafil; with doctors generally decreasing doses to to… Read More »