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Respiratory problems and bronchitis more common in people with HIV

There are higher rates of poor respiratory health in people ageing with HIV than in carefully matched HIV-negative people, with symptoms strongly associated with worse mental health and quality of life. Professor Caroline Sabin presented these data from the POPPY study to the virtual British HIV Association (BHIVA) conference yesterday. Higher rates of respiratory problems,… Read More »

Heart problems on keto diet

Now I will start again my Atkins to take off 30 pounds How do I know this? I am not for or against the article. My cholesterol has dropped to 4. They are far and away the best option for wine on a keto diet in my opinion. For most specialties, we now offer instant… Read More »

Problems with alcohol? 29 gene variants may explain why

A genome-wide analysis of more than 435,000 people has identified 29 genetic variants linked to problematic drinking, researchers at Yale University School of Medicine and colleagues report May 25 in the journal Nature Neuroscience. “The new data triple the number of known genetic risk loci associated with problematic alcohol use,” said Yale’s Joel Gelernter, the… Read More »