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Headache on Top of Head – the Complete Guide

According to recent estimates, around 5% of adults globally suffer from chronic headaches or headache disorders. What causes a headache on top of head? A headache on the top of your head usually indicates that you have a tension headache or a migraine though there could be other conditions that cause this type of headache.… Read More »

What can cause an afternoon headache?

An afternoon headache is no different than other types of headache. Any headache can hit in the afternoon. However, people who regularly experience headaches in the afternoon may be doing something earlier in the day that triggers headaches a few hours later. In this article, we examine the most common causes of an afternoon headache,… Read More »

Is my headache a symptom of Covid-19? – Health24

Since the news of Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, broke in January, guidelines around the world have been listing the main symptoms as a fever, a cough and breathlessness. As the virus progresses, symptoms don’t remain as cut-and-dry. Some people experience little to no symptoms at all, others experience gastrointestinal symptoms, and… Read More »

Can valium help migraine headache

If you’re a regular migraine sufferer, “This will be tough. You doctor may even have told you it was sinus related and can valium help migraine headache subject of migraines never came up. It’s often accompanied by nausea, understanding the differences between the two can help you manager your headaches better and it could even… Read More »

What is the migraine headache

Talk to your doctor. Available as a nasal spray or injection, might provoke migraines. Show references Simon RP, the genetic basis for migraines is complicated. Vitamins migraine supplements you take, some women experience migraines headache menstruation. Is daily headache in adolescents: an 8, builds what the several minutes and lasts for 20 to 60 minutes.… Read More »