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Loophole allows ANYONE to get NHS pass to attend crowded venues without having a jab or being tested

Are Covid passes worthless? Loophole allows ANYONE to get NHS passport to attend crowded venues without having a jab or taking a test NHS Covid passes should be issued to those with both jabs and a negative test But a loophole in the system allows Britons to secure a pass without these Experts last night… Read More »

Psst: Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s Fave Sneaker Brand Is Having a Huge Sale RN (!!!!)

What are my three favorite words? On super-sale, baby. Well, that’s technically four, but you know what I mean. A few styles of Superga sneakers are on major sale right now during Amazon Prime Day 2021. Which is obviously major news because you can never, ever have too many white sneakers in your closet, especially… Read More »

Having a strong life purpose eases loneliness of COVID-19 isolation, study finds

Why can some people weather the stress of social isolation better than others, and what implications does this have for their health? New research from the Communication Neuroscience Lab at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who felt a strong sense of purpose in life were less lonely… Read More »

Having trouble sleeping: What to know

Sleeping difficulty refers to difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, or waking up too early. Low quality sleep and a lack of sleep can both negatively affect a person’s health. Chronic sleep loss can even lead to headaches, excessive fatigue, and cognitive impairments. Sleeping difficulties may occur due to lifestyle factors, poor sleep hygiene, or… Read More »