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These doctors and nurses volunteered to battle Covid-19 in the Navajo Nation, and came back with a warning

A group of medical providers gathering at the Gallup Indian Medical Center Source: Nate Teismann Dr. Jeanne Noble has worked all over the world as an emergency medicine physician. So when the hospital where she works, UC San Francisco, asked if anyone was willing to fly out to the Navajo Nation and help with an… Read More »

To amplify Black voices in medicine, non-Black doctors hand over their Twitter accounts – NBC News

Voices of Black women in the field of medicine are reaching a broader audience Monday, as non-Black doctors handed over their Twitter accounts to Black female colleagues. The online event called #ShareTheMicNowMed is meant to highlight the work of Black female physicians and encourage more diversified conversations on social media. Full coverage of the coronavirus… Read More »

Authentic Doctors V/S Quacks: Do You Really Know the Difference?

Advertisements Every year thousands of people all over the world die due to wrong medical consultancy, erroneous treatment and taking wrongly prescribed medications. The main culprits behind such incidents are unqualified medical practitioners, also known as quacks. They are expert manipulators armed with fake degrees and medical certificates. Doctors, as we all know, are a… Read More »

How do doctors test for asthma

Lung Function Tests These asthma tests see how well your lungs work. Spirometry can detect COPD before symptoms develop. Once your doctor has looked at your symptoms and what sets them off, and at your clinical history, asthma tests are the best way to confirm or rule out asthma. If my chest tightens up after… Read More »