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Legumes Can Help Cut Risk of Diabetes By 35%

Legumes are a food group rich in B vitamins containing various beneficial minerals (magnesium, calcium and potassium) and considerable amounts of fibre, and are considered to be a food having a low glycemic index, meaning that the increase of blood glucose levels is gradual after consumption. Because of these unique nutritional qualities, consuming legumes regularly… Read More »

What is diabetes gcse

Tips: Use the labels on the axes to help you describe the relationship between the data in the graphs. There is a correlation between rising levels of body mass in the general population and increasing levels of type 2 diabetes. The graph shows a range of data from to They can help to control their… Read More »

Risk Of Gestational Diabetes Infographic

The risk of gestational diabetes can be determined up to 7 years before pregnancy based on assessing measures of body weight and blood sugar routinely. 580 ethnically diversified women participated in the study and women who experienced gestational diabetes while pregnant were compared to those who didn’t have gestational diabetes. It was found that the… Read More »

How can diet cause diabetes

Risk factors. When you eat sucrose, the glucose and fructose molecules are separated by enzymes in your small intestine before being absorbed into your bloodstream 5. American Diabetes Association has defined self-dietary management as the key step in providing the diabetics, the knowledge and skill in relation with treatment, nutritional aspects, medications and complications. Uncoordinated… Read More »