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COVID-19 Crisis Lays Bare the Importance of Universal Medicare

By Thara Kumar While governments, health care workers and the Canadian public are uniting to take on the COVID-19 pandemic, some critics have seen this as an opportunity to capitalize on public fear and promote a profit-driven health care system over Canadian medicare. Would Canada — as some claim — really have been better prepared for… Read More »

Why 1.4 Million Health Jobs Have Been Lost During a Huge Health Crisis – The New York Times

For more than half a century, in good economic times and bad, health care jobs in the United States just kept increasing. Economists and health analysts thought of them as nearly recession-proof: a buffer against the business cycle. But like so many other patterns, the coronavirus pandemic has broken this relationship. With the virus and… Read More »

What the Coronavirus Crisis Reveals About American Medicine – The New Yorker

Bowen kept thinking about the next pandemic, when the supply of masks from China might plummet and the demand for domestic masks might surge again. He sent letters warning about a potential supply-chain problem to President Obama in 2010, and to President Trump in 2017; he wrote to the Defense Secretary; to hospital-safety associations; to… Read More »