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Respiratory problems and bronchitis more common in people with HIV

There are higher rates of poor respiratory health in people ageing with HIV than in carefully matched HIV-negative people, with symptoms strongly associated with worse mental health and quality of life. Professor Caroline Sabin presented these data from the POPPY study to the virtual British HIV Association (BHIVA) conference yesterday. Higher rates of respiratory problems,… Read More »

Menopausal Depression is Common, Who Is at Risk?

Patients and clinicians may not be fully aware that women are at increased risk for depression during the menopausal transition.  The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends that clinicians screen all adults for depression, highlighting the importance of screening in populations at particularly high risk for depression.  While these recommendations have prompted increased awareness… Read More »

Medical News Today: Common foods alter gut bacteria by influencing viruses

A group of researchers has brought the idea of food as a medicine one step closer. They have identified certain common foodstuffs that alter our microbiome. In science today, food and gut bacteria are two topics that are guaranteed to fuel interest and debate. Both, of course, are interrelated, and a new study focuses on… Read More »

Is acid reflux common

This causes swelling in the lower; treatment options include surgery and certain lifestyle measures. If you don’t develop other symptoms, clinical implications and management”. Speak to your doctor about getting a pH test. Radiofrequency energy delivery to the lower esophageal sphincter reduces esophageal acid exposure and improves GERD symptoms: a systematic review and meta, she… Read More »

How common is vestibular migraine

6 times higher in 200 dizziness clinic patients than in 200 age- and sex-matched controls from an orthopaedic clinic. Read more about the debilitating ailments and what causes them. Avoid your triggers There are so many triggers you can’t control – weather, hormones, how common is vestibular migraine wearing perfume at work but there are… Read More »