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How bad is salt for cholesterol

For decades, experts have been recommending that Americans cut down on their salt consumption to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke. According to a new study, however, while reducing dietary salt does lower blood pressure, it may also lead to a slight boost in cholesterol, a separate risk factor for heart disease. But… Read More »

Can i stop cholesterol medicine

Should you take statins? Atorvastatin is also called by the brand name Lipitor. However, stopping atorvastatin may cause your cholesterol to rise. Join the conversation. There has been some concern about statins and the medication connection to diabetes. This can happen a few weeks or months after you first start taking this medicine. In some… Read More »

How is cholesterol released from the body

Cholesterol plays a vital role in the body. Cholesterol is responsible for repairing damaged tissue in the body and is produced in the liver, released into your bloodstream, and directed to the areas of the body that needs repair. There are two types of cholesterol, the Low-density lipoprotein or LDL, and High-density lipoprotein. It becomes… Read More »

Which diet is best for high cholesterol

Nuts are good but it should be Moderated in Consumption for Best health benefits. A Diet which includes Nuts as well as Fruits and Vegetables leads to Healthy and Active life. Time has come to  Incorporate such Dietary changes  and Lead active Life for Lowering Cholesterol sans Medicine and Supplements. High Cholesterol affects Most Organs… Read More »

How much cholesterol is in fish roe

Boiled and with mayonnaise, i’ve never prepared nor tasted this dish but its simplicity sounds quite appealing. Although the photo above roe a bit more “dressed” up, or curry of roe can also be found. Much with fins and scales, the most sought after type is Kalix Löjrom from Kalix in the northern In sea.… Read More »