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What HIV Teaches Us About COVID-19

I came out as gay in 1986, the peak of the HIV epidemic. Sometimes this COVID-19 pandemic feels a lot like that. After leaving my wife and two daughters, I accepted a job as Medical Director of Psychiatry at one of the largest healthcare systems in Iowa. As far as I knew then, only my… Read More »

About three-quarters of voters support mask orders punishable by fines or jail: Poll

Support for statewide mask mandates crosses political affiliation, according to a new poll. The Politico/Morning Consult survey was released on Wednesday and found that 53% of registered voters “strongly” support states issuing orders that require face masks to be worn in public under penalty of fine or jail time. The number of those in support… Read More »

How to Have an Orgasm in Public Without Anyone knowing! Know More About Bringing Back Thrill in Your Sex Life

Always wondered how to have an orgasm in public without anyone knowing? That’s indeed a tricky act to perform especially when you’re surrounded by so many people, but there’s a different kind of thrill around it. While most couples keep looking for ways to spice up their sex life after it gets monotonous after a… Read More »