Bangladesh warns of more thunderstorms as lightning strikes kill 17 in a day  

The death toll on Sunday was highest in Chattogram. Besides six deaths from lightning strikes in parts of the region, Sitakunda experienced 100 millimetres of rains, which was also the highest in the country. As many as five people died in Sirajganj, two in Tangail and Feni each, and one each in Rangpur and Munshiganj,… Read More »

A small chip under the skin may predict second stroke

For patients who have experienced certain common types of stroke, a small chip inserted under the skin may help physicians predict their likelihood of experiencing a second stroke, and therefore their likelihood of benefiting from preventive therapy. The findings come from a recent clinical trial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and… Read More »

Vitamin D Supplements Twice a Day Can Help Prevent Vertigo

Research has found that taking a vitamin D and calcium supplement twice daily could help reduce the chances of recurrence of vertigo. The research indicates that for individuals having benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, supplementing with vitamin D and calcium is an easy, low-risk means for preventing the recurrence of vertigo. It’s particularly effective for individuals… Read More »

What to Expect from Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Many states require pharmacy technicians to attend training programs and get national certification. In a few states, the minimum requirement to become a pharmacy technician is a high school diploma or equivalent. Even if states do not require training and certification, having them can boost your confidence and stand out to potential employers. Here’s what… Read More »

Five new local cases recorded in Victoria

Victoria has recorded five new local COVID-19 infections, bringing the state’s outbreak to 70 cases. Three of the five are direct primary close contacts of existing cases and have been in quarantine for their entire infectious period. The remaining two are “unlinked” to any known cases and were infectious in the community. One of the… Read More »