Outdoor styling simplified

While another summer may have come and gone, autumn is also a gorgeous season to spend outside in Australia; the sun has lost the sting in its tail and changing colours displayed by Mother Nature lure us to continue spending time in our outdoor spaces. If your yard’s looking a little lacklustre, there are simple… Read More »

3 Stretches for Better Posture

It is important to maintain good posture. Good posture includes the way we sit stand and walk, it affects our health and mood. Good posture means training the body to stand, sit, lie, or walk in positions that will not over strain the muscles and ligaments during movement or rigorous activities. While we focus on… Read More »

These Home Remedies for Jock Itch Might Actually Worsen the Problem

Look around. Ok, the coast is clear. Reach down. *Scratch, scratch.* Ah finally, sweet relief. Well, for a moment. It’s brief. Just like that, the irritating itch right around your balls is back. If your crotch or balls have been itchy and uncomfortable to the point of embarrassing scratching and adjusting for days, there are… Read More »

How to Help a Teen Out of a Homework Hole

At Home Watch: ‘WandaVision’ Travel: More Sustainably Freeze: Homemade Treats Check Out: Podcasters’ Favorite Podcasts Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story Adolescence How to Help a Teen Out of a Homework Hole The more students fall behind in the pandemic, the less likely they are to feel that… Read More »