Here’s the Deal with Bachelor Peter Weber’s Mysterious Finger Tattoo

By | February 4, 2020
  • Bachelor fans noticed that Peter Weber fully has a mysterious finger tattoo.
  • We did some sleuthing and found out what the tattoo means.

    So many things happened last night on The Bachelor, including but not limited to Peter Weber’s extremely steamy date with Sydney. Like, they could. not. stop. making. out. They made out in the pool, they made out next to the pool, they made out in a helicopter, and most importantly for our immediate purposes, they made out next to Peter’s hand, giving us a perfect view of…his…TATTOO?



    Yes, friends, Peter has what appears to be a smudged tattoo on his inner finger, and Bachelor Nation has a lot of questions:

    Honestly, there’s very little information out there about this thing. However, thanks to some sleuthing, I was able to dig up an old Us Weekly interview with Peter where he explains that the tattoo is actually a number “12.” Turns out he got said “12” with his brother and the meaning behind it can best be summed up by SPORTS. To quote the man himself: “My brother and I got matching tattoos of the number 12 for our favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, after they won the Super Bowl.”

    Cool. Glad we’ve gotten to the bottom of that. But now I’m curious about what other secret tattoos Peter is hiding from us, and frankly I will NOT rest until I find out.

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