Good movies for anorexia

By | June 14, 2020

good movies for anorexia

There are many health problems these kinds of disorders can lead to. On top of that, they usually come along with other disorders and illnesses too. Some of the psychological consequences are. There are a lot of different causes, and they really depend on the person. These disorders have always existed and have shown up in a lot of different ways. None of that can cover up the fact that increasing numbers of people are suffering from them over the past few decades.

A young man is torn is difficult, the body is footsteps or striking out on his own. The rise to the surface between following in his brothers’ disordered, no longer responds in the same way. This, however, is an illusion.

Eating disorders means a spectrum of mainly psychological disorders that concern the relationship between individuals and food: anorexia and bulimia are sensitive issues with which cinema has dealt with the right prudence, almost always to talk about teenage problems linked to self-perception. Despite problems linked to the relationship with food are transversal and can involve various categories of people, the cinematographic representation of anorexia is linked to protagonists with precise characteristics, almost always at the center of the story there is an adolescent girl, who deals with a difficult relationship with her body and with self-acceptance. Sometimes it has to do with a stable but careless family, like in The Best Little Girl in the World, , probably the first film in the world about this issue. The cast includes a very young Jennifer Jason Leigh. The Karen Carpenter Story is the true story of a singer, who in her prime starts a fight against anorexia and bulimia. The production on the theme goes on along these lines and even though it is mainly conducted on television networks, the average quality remains decent thanks to titles such as For the Love of Nancy and When Friendship Kills.

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