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Nearly 2million over-50s have yet to first Covid vaccine, despite booster drive kicking off already

Up to 2million over-50s in England have still not had their FIRST Covid vaccine as experts blame complacency and jab hesitancy Unvaccinated Brits have only a few weeks to get both jabs before the end of 2021 and the onset of winter Experts urge vaccine skeptic Brits to come forward ASAP, with it not too… Read More »

Zombie health care news

Although I am advancing rapidly into almost complete retirement, there are some days/weeks when I can’t refrain from pointing out some of the troubling health care news I see.  This is one such week. First, the COVID zombie news My local Star Tribune newspaper delivered this front page news: University of Minnesota, Mayo report COVID-fighting success… Read More »

Texas school shooting highlights complexity of race, bullying and mental health

Loading the player… New details of a recent shooting that left four people injured at Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas, reveal that bullying may have triggered this tragic event.  According to Arlington Assistant Police Chief Kevin Kolbye in a Wednesday afternoon news conference, the violent attack stemmed from a fight caught on video that… Read More »