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Al Interviews Sam Miltich | Jazz Guitarist & Mental Health Advocate

In this episode, Al interviews Sam Miltich, jazz guitarist and mental health advocate (recorded 12-16-19). At the age of 18 and living in his rural hometown in northern Minnesota, Sam was discovered by a Minnesota Public Radio reporter and his jazz career skyrocketed. This young, small town jazz musician joined Paul Mehling’s Hot Club of… Read More »

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Squeeze a ‘Waterfall Cyst’ Hidden Inside a Man’s Earlobe

dominiquemillsGetty Images In a new Instagram video, Dr. Pimple Popper pops a gushing cyst housed in a man’s earlobe. The cyst contents flow out like a waterfall that is seemingly “never-ending,” according to fans. The growth is likely filled with dead skin and keratin, which is white and pus-like in appearance. This waterfall is anything… Read More »

Another case of coronavirus expected

Another person is expected to be diagnosed with coronavirus in NSW, which could take the state’s number of cases to four. There were five people awaiting test results to see if they have the deadly infection but four have been cleared. Three in the state have already diagnosed. The latest person, a young Chinese woman,… Read More »

Xi orders centralized response to coronavirus: ‘It is our responsibility to prevent and control it’

Health care members make first aid to people as they cover their faces with sanitary masks after the first cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Hong Kong. Miguel Candela | Getty Images President Xi Jinping on Saturday warned that the spread of the coronavirus presents a “grave situation,” as officials from central China to… Read More »

Vitamin D Deficiency in Winter: Health Problems Due To The Lack of Enough Sunlight

Vitamin D Deficiency in Winter (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Winters witness fewer daylight hours that often lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It can cause one major problem that is less exposure to sunlight leading to many health-related problems. The sun’s UV ray is important for bones, blood cells and immune system. Soaking under sunlight, the body forms… Read More »