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Legumes Can Help Cut Risk of Diabetes By 35%

Legumes are a food group rich in B vitamins containing various beneficial minerals (magnesium, calcium and potassium) and considerable amounts of fibre, and are considered to be a food having a low glycemic index, meaning that the increase of blood glucose levels is gradual after consumption. Because of these unique nutritional qualities, consuming legumes regularly… Read More »

DIY Health Care and Self-Care Accelerating in the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has spawned many side-effects re-shaping consumers’ everyday lives. Among them, more time at home, DIY life-flows, and financial well-being are driving growth of self-care health care. An article in the latest Drug Store News talks about consumers growing more health-conscious, adopting natural, homeopathic products. “It’s about more than washing your hands,” David Salazar explains.… Read More »

Many People on Medicaid and Prisoners Still Lack Access to Hepatitis C Treatment

People who rely on Medicaid and prisoners in some states are still being denied treatment for hepatitis C because they do not yet have advanced liver disease or because they use alcohol or drugs, according to recent reports. Over years or decades, chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection can lead to serious liver complications including… Read More »