How to Use Exercise to Build Longevity

Regular exercise has many health benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise or physical activity supports: Weight management Cognition and memory Mood Bone and muscle strength Anxiety relief Balance Energy levels Sleep Libido With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that regular physical activity supports longevity. In other words, exercising regularly helps you… Read More »

New York real estate heir Robert Durst is hospitalized with Covid days after life sentence, his attorney says

Robert Durst looks at jurors as he appears in an Inglewood courtroom with his attorneys for the first closing arguments presented by the prosecution in the murder trial of the New York real estate scion who is charged with the longtime friend Susan Bermans killing in Benedict Canyon just before Christmas Eve 2000. Inglewood Courthouse… Read More »

Friends fear art-world heiress has been cut off from world by daughter

Marie-Christophe de Menil’s East 81st Street home was, for years, a haven. The oil heiress and art patron used to host lively, inebriated parties that earned her the nickname Prosecco. After the overdose death of her adored grandson Dash Snow in 2009, de Menil opened her doors to the hell-raising artist’s  friends. But more recently, the… Read More »

Is There Treatment for Varicose Veins?

What Are Varicose Veins, and What Causes Them? Blood is meant to travel from your heart throughout your body via your veins. These veins have valves that open to let blood flow past and close off behind it. When these valves aren’t working correctly or become weak, blood is then backed up around the vein… Read More »

‘Happy Birthday Granny Nancy. I’ll meet you in heaven when God calls me but until then, I’ll keep spreading love – and I’ll keep the kettle on’

Looking up to the blue sky and feeling my face being soaked in sunshine — these are the words to best describe my feelings of pure love. These are the words that describe how I felt when I looked at my beautiful grandmother. Particularly on the days, hours, weeks and months where we laughed, prayed,… Read More »