Cost of paleo diet

So, enough with the hypotheticals. Why these items? Eff You Money says. Is Dairy Paleo? I love you, Robb!!! I rarely buy orangic. And you still need to pay the bills. No matter how many options we give them, a lot of people will complain that paleo is simply way too expensive. Pound for pound… Read More »

Interval Training (HIIT) Quickly Increases Glucose Metabolism

Research has shown that HIIT increases insulin sensitivity and also glucose metabolism in muscles in type 2 diabetes individuals. Glucose uptake had returned to a normal level in the thigh muscles after just 2 weeks of training. This was discovered in a research project which examined how high-intensity interval training impacted the health of diabetic… Read More »

How to incorporate a vegan diet

Contrary to the popular belief, vegan lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating plant-based foods. It also means buying and using vegan and cruelty-free beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. However, today, we will be focusing on how to adopt a vegan diet. One can live off french fries and Oreos and call themselves a vegan, but this… Read More »

Stomach flu after switch to lower carb diet

It can happen to you if you drastically and suddenly remove carbs from your diet. Your body burns carbohydrates glucose for energy by default so switching to a fat-burning process confuses your body. When carb intake is drastically reduced, such as on the ketogenic diet, your body is depleted of stored glucose and instead turns… Read More »

Reason for ketogenic diet

Keto-branded products like keto coffee and other supplemental products are also for costly and unnecessary. Nothing has helped. One study of MS in a mouse model found reason a ketogenic diet suppressed inflammatory markers. Brazilians are happily following ketkgenic idiotic obesity example of Americans, indulging in sugars and cereals. You should base most of your… Read More »