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As COVID-19 cases increase, so do privacy concerns about EHR snooping

With hospitals and health systems girding for battle with a surge of COVID-19 cases, they also need to continue their fight to maintain strong cybersecurity and protect patient privacy.  This is especially true given the fact that some healthcare workers may be more apt than usual these days to try to ascertain patients’ coronavirus status… Read More »

How to increase platelet count in malaria

Should I be worried if my platelet count is 123? She may need a blood transfusion. Because patients with malaria can present with an array of clinical signs and symptoms and a variety of laboratory abnormalities, this definition contains many different criteria. Please include your IP address in the description. Why might you receive steroid… Read More »

Why are allergies on the increase

In 2014, a study came out in the Journal why are allergies on the increase the American Medical Association that observed a correlation between mothers eating more nuts being less likely to have children with peanut and tree-nut allergies. Scientists are still trying to figure out why food allergies seem to be on the rise, especially in… Read More »