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Can xanax cause paranoia

If she is having mood swings, she may very well need a different drug or her doctor might just need to adjust her doseage. I have been taking them for over a decade and I still don’t know. Anyone have success with cymbalta for panic attacks? Xanax should be a last resort. Family relationships grow… Read More »

Can diabetes cause depression

Roughly, how much sugar to you consume per week? When you’re active, your body releases can diabetes cause depression, which is a chemical that makes you feel good. In addition to disruptions in circadian rhythm, reduced sunlight can also lead to a drop in serotonin levels in the brain, which may influence mood. Feeling tired… Read More »

Can taking anxiety medication cause anxiety

Takeaway Anxiety is a common condition that affects many people during their lifetime. I’m days from my period and my anxiety is through the roof where I am relying on valium. Albert PR, Vahid-Ansari F, Luckhart C. It’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions when taking any prescription drug. Twenty years ago, physician Russell Portenoy,… Read More »